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Hi, my name is Dave. I like beer. I live in British Columbia. This is the third version of the about page.

I believe that you have to purposely make bad beer. I also disagree with rating beers. This may seem contradictory when I feature a British Columbian beer, or on Fridays when I feature I imported beer(s). When I feature a beer I try to describe what I see, smell, taste and feel using common beer descriptors. I won’t be using obscure descriptors like ‘jicama’, ‘lychee‘, or ‘quince paste’. I then sum up what I experienced in the most basic, and fair, way I can think of. The beer is either Bad, Average, Good, or Great.

Bad is straight bad. Don’t drink this.
Average is what most beers should be. Either the beer just doesn’t have enough to stand out amongst its competitors; or I just didn’t like the beer, even if there nothing wrong with it. I will still regularly drink a beer I deem to be average.
Good beers stand out from their peers. There can be many factors that do this, usually it’s taste.
Great beers are world-class, or best of BC.

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